Hello, my name is Allyson Moore and I am the Baker Bunny. I started Chubby Bunny Bakery with the encouragement of my family hoping that I could help others like me to be able to enjoy delicious and wholesome treats that were made with organic ingredients and without any processed or artificial ingredients.

Having dealt with multiple health issues most of my life, and going from one doctor to another and from one specialist to another. I had been tested and falsely diagnosed with pretty much everything under the sun. Finally, one doctor did a full allergen workup on my and discovered that I had multiple food allergies. What a relief it was to finally know what was causing all of my ailments.

Thus, began my adventure into seeking out ways to make healthy foods and treats that I could enjoy. My mother and my husband are my biggest cheerleaders, and it was the two of them that encouraged me that there must beĀ other people in the same position I was in and would enjoy these treats as well.

I do all of the baking from my home, my mother helps with the packaging and my husband does the heavy lifting and taste testing.

I hope you enjoy Chubby Bunny baked goods as much I do!